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Seminars for primary school teachers
Friday, 13 March 2020 13:22

On February 29 and March 7, 2020, in the branch of JSC "NCPD" Orleu "," in the West Kazakhstan Region " were held  seminars on the theme "The effectiveness of differentiated learning in the framework of an updated educational program. The seminars were attended by 103 primary school teachers from Burlinsky, Zhangalinsky, Karatobinsky and Chingirlaksky districts and the city of Uralsk WKR.

The purpose of the seminar: to master effective methods of differentiated training in the program of updated educational content.  Form of study: facilitation session using the “World Cafe” method. Facilitation  (from the English. “Facilitate” - to facilitate) is a professional organization of the process and space to create a common understanding or decision-making by the group. During the seminar, the relevance and possibilities of differentiated learning were examined;  effective methods of differentiation are identified as part of an updated curriculum. The participants of the seminar, having studied differentiation methods, took an active part in the development of tasks taking into account 7 types of differentiation: task, pace, dialogue and support, resources / sources, classification, results, evaluation. As a result of the seminar, the participants learned to plan differentiated teaching methods, exchanged experiences and gave constructive feedback. All participants received certificates.

The seminars were held by the trainers of the department of psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process Gabbasova B.B., Baykatova K.I., Zhumagalieva D.Sh., Uzakhova Zh.T.


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